USA Properties Fund completes lease up of Vintage at Sycamore

As of February 28th, the lease up of Vintage at Sycamore, a 99-unit affordable senior apartment community, has been completed, a little less than a year after construction began.

This lease up was a monumental effort led by Teri Brown, Regional Manager, and Megan Underwood, Compliance Manager, who, along with their teams, processed and moved in 99 households in a 30-day period.

Vintage at Sycamore 100 percent occupied sign

In addition to the leadership of Teri and Megan, we would like to acknowledge those that worked tirelessly to lease apartments, process applications, and get the apartments and buildings ready for residents to call home. This includes:

• Madeleine Garcia, Community Manager, Vintage Crest Senior Apartments
• Joanne Salinas, Community Manager, Vintage Paseo Senior Apartments
• Daniel York, Community Manager, Avenida Crossing
• Megan Bonham, District Compliance Auditor
• Ben Viramontes, Maintenance Supervisor
• Kerry Eldredge, Senior Superintendent, USA Construction Management
• Nancy Menchaca, Assistant Superintendent, USA Construction Management
• Mark McDermott, Project Manager, USA Construction Management
• John Kozler, Senior Project Manager, USA Construction Management