Patrick McGuirk
Company USA Construction Management

Patrick McGuirk

Vice President, Estimating

Patrick McGuirk joined USA Properties Fund as an intern assisting a construction superintendent in 2006, when he was a freshman at California State University, Sacramento. His attention to detail, hard work and task-focused approach as an intern helped him get a position as a construction estimator with the company two years later – while also being a full-time student and junior majoring in Construction Management. Mr. McGuirk has exceled in his positions with USA Properties, and was promoted to Vice President of Estimating and Scheduling in summer 2018.
In the critical position, Mr. McGuirk oversees the estimating process, and establishes and oversees the activity timelines for projects.

He is deeply involved in each project, from the conceptual stage – including the initial cost estimate – to handling construction-related documents. Mr. McGuirk reviews each project at least three times as part of the estimating process, and oversees bidding for each project with subcontractors.

Mr. McGuirk also works closely with USA Properties’ project managers and superintendents ensuring projects remain on schedule and completed on time. He builds a schedule before construction starts, and monitors and tracks the process of the hundreds – or even thousands – of activities of a project. He visits each project, affordable and market-rate apartment communities, a few times every month. By combining on-site visits with the latest management technology, he can keep projects on task.