Spotlight: Michelle Pierucci

Michelle Pierucci Purse Drive
Michelle Pierucci Purse Drive

Michelle Pierucci has a personal goal. And USA Properties and her colleagues are helping her reach it.

“I’ve been going to school forever, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel,” says Pierucci, who is close to earning an accounting degree from California State University, Sacramento. “They’ve always been so flexible and supportive, helping push me towards my goal. I’m grateful for everyone.”

From the company’s tuition reimbursement program to coworkers helping as impromptu tutors, Pierucci greatly appreciates the support. Pierucci’s supervisor encouraged her to return to school several years ago.

The company “wants you to grow and succeed, but not just in your job,” says Pierucci, who takes two college courses per semester while working full-time as a Senior Cash Analyst for Property Management and being a busy mother, wife and volunteer. “They want you to be a well-rounded individual.”

Leading charitable donation efforts and giving back

Pierucci applied with the company in 2007, after a close friend in the staffing industry told her of an opening and spoke highly of USA Properties.

“She said people are there forever, and that is a sign of a good company,” Pierucci says. “It went beyond what she promised. I love my job. They let me be me.”

And the company embraces ideas from team members.

“I always like to see how I can improve or streamline things,” says Pierucci, who works closely with all of the company’s apartment communities, and helped establish the online payment system expedited by the Covid pandemic. “They open to hearing everyone’s ideas. It’s encouraged to think outside the box.”

USA Properties also encourages employees to give back to the community and volunteer for their favorite causes or nonprofit organizations.

“It makes my heart happy,” she says of the many charitable events that she has led at USA Properties through the years, from an adopt-a-family holiday effort to prom dress and purse drives. “It’s always been a positive response.”

‘I love what I do, where I work’

USA Properties is committed to its employees and residents, bringing on social-services provider LifeSTEPS and partnering with the nonprofit to establish the JB Brown Fund a decade ago. The JB Brown Fund, named after the company founder, awards college and youth sports scholarships to low-income residents and helps with unexpected financial emergencies.

“I love what USA does for its residents,” says Pierucci, who was a teenage single mother and lived in affordable housing in the Central Valley. “I can relate to the struggles of many of our residents. The support USA provides residents … it’s such an investment in our residents. It has such an impact on their lives.”

And the company has had a huge impact on Pierucci, who has no plans to leave following graduation in 2022.

“USA is a great company,” she says. “I love what I do, where I work. I’ve been blessed to be here for so long. It’s been a good place for me, it’s been home.”

Outside the office

Michelle Pierucci has coordinated numerous charitable drive efforts at USA Properties. She and her husband have two daughters – 24 and 21 years old – and enjoy spending time with family and friends, often cooking and baking for the get-togethers. “I have a great work-life balance, so I can spend time with those that matter to me the most.”

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