Kimberlee Dobbs, Community Manager

Kimberlee Dobbs, Community Manager

A ‘beautiful’ apartment community and her husband’s experience opened the door to a new opportunity

‘USA Properties wants to serve, wants to help’

Kim Dobbs believes in love at first sight.

It happened more than two decades ago on a “whirlwind” trip to the Sacramento region, when she gave up a job in Southern California to join a fast-growing company with a life-changing opportunity in the Sacramento region.

“I was looking for something different,” Dobbs says. “This was a welcome change.”

She has never looked back.

“I fell in love with the property right away, it’s so beautiful,” says Dobbs, Community Manager of Vintage Oaks in Citrus Heights. “You don’t see apartment communities like this. There’s never been a day that I didn’t want to be here.”

The 240-apartment community came with a company that she knew rather well – USA Properties Fund.

“He always had positive things to say,” Dobbs says of her husband, Alan, who was in management with USA Properties in Southern California, and later moved to construction with the company. He died in 2007. “He loved USA. He was passionate about USA.”

Soon, Dobbs knew why.

“I’m amazed to see where the company was 20 years ago, and where we are today,” she says. “They’ve helped so many families by providing affordable housing.”

Vintage Oaks was the first affordable senior apartment community for USA Properties, opening in 1994. Vintage Oaks has served as the blueprint for future senior communities for USA Properties.

“They are such fun, unique people,” Dobbs says of the seniors at Vintage Oaks. Dobbs had extensive property management experience in Southern California but never with an all-senior community like Vintage Oaks. “The most fascinating things are their stories. There’s never a dull moment. No day is ever the same.”

And that keeps Dobbs busy, engaged and more than satisfied.

While many of Dobbs’ colleagues are checking for new opportunities at other communities or climbing the corporate ladder with USA Properties, she is happy remaining at Vintage Oaks. Her Assistant Community Manager, Tami Higgins, arrived at the apartment community a few months after Dobbs.

The continuity makes for a successful team at Vintage Oaks.

“They all know and love their jobs,” she says. “Everything comes so easy. I’ve been blessed with good people, very easy people to work with.”

‘This is their home, their community, their family’

Dobbs’ job has also become a lot easier with LifeSTEPS, a social-services program that helps low-income residents at many of USA Properties.

“It took a huge burden off us when LifeSTEPS arrived,” she says. “They are very instrumental.”

LifeSTEPS offers financial assistance to residents, from budget counseling to helping with unexpected emergencies like a death or a job loss. A few years ago, LifeSTEPS and USA Properties partnered to establish the RN Coaching Program, providing an on-site RN once a week at Vintage Oaks. The award-winning program helps residents deal with colds, coughs, chronic conditions and other health issues and even double-checks prescriptions.

“It’s huge, monumental for residents,” Dobbs says. “We are working with residents so they can stay here in their homes. We don’t want them to move, we want them to stay in place. This is their home, their community, their family.”

It’s the kind of forward-looking effort that makes USA Properties special.

“USA Properties wants to serve, wants to help,” she says. “It’s a company that cares about residents and employees. I’m very fortunate, I feel very blessed.”