USA Properties currently has almost 80 communities, including affordable family and senior communities and market-rate properties in its portfolio. The company is the developer-builder-manager of many of the communities, but it also acquired and rehabilitated quite a few of the properties.

  • USA Properties owns affordable family and senior communities, providing quality housing to low-income residents who meet the financial criteria.
  • The company also has market-rate communities, with high-quality amenities for residents with rents determined by the region.
  • Many of USA Properties communities include social services by LifeSTEPS, a nonprofit organization. LifeSTEPS assists residents in numerous ways, from after-school classes in some affordable family communities to planning activities in senior communities.
  • USA Properties and LifeSTEPS established the JB Brown Fund in 2011, providing much-needed financial assistance to low-income residents, from college scholarships to money for unexpected emergencies. The JB Brown Fund also offers families scholarships for children to participate in youth sports.