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 It’s not easy being green, but it’s often the right thing to do for the environment—and sometimes even the pocketbook. It’s an approach that USA Properties Fund Inc. embraces, from energy-efficient appliances and lighting to low-flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures at all of our newer communities—and those that have undergone extensive rehabilitation project…

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USA Properties Fund builds communities. And communities are about residents, from the hard-working single parent committed to building a better life for her children to fixed-income seniors looking forward to an enjoyable retirement. Certainly, apartment complexes, houses and shopping centers are pieces of a community, but those folks who call it home are …

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The New Website

Dec 16, 2014

Welcome to the new USA Properties website – our bigger and brighter online home. Like any big project (such as building an apartment community or remodeling a kitchen), there were many conversations, hours-long meetings and quite a few revisions, all with the goal of creating the best-possible experience for visitors and more effectively sharing our story. …

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