Our experienced team is known for applying their knowledge and creativity to consistently deliver on our promise of creating outstanding communities.

USA Properties Fund, Inc.

Keith Johnson.jpg

Keith Johnson, CPA
Corporate Controller

Jori Henry.jpg

Jori Henry
Vice President, Finance



 Sean Reynolds, LEED AP
Vice President, Architecture

Royce Patch.jpg

Royce Patch
Vice President, Development

Milo Terzich.jpg

Milo Terzich
Vice President, Development Entitlement


Larry McElwain.jpg

 Larry McElwain
Manager, Architecture

Laura Plassmeyer.jpg

Laura Plassmeyer
Manager, Product Design

USA Multifamily Management, Inc.


 Victoria Critchfield, HCCP
Vice President, Property Administration

Priya Ramchandran.jpg

Priya Ramchandran
Vice President, Accounting



USA Construction Management

Santiago Del Rio.jpg

 Santiago del Rio
Vice President, Construction Project Management


Rob Clark
Vice President, Construction Field Operations

Human Resources

Valerie Silva.jpg

 Valerie Silva
Vice President, Human Resources


Ariella Liberty